Pensions for Veterans

Pension (Non-Service Connected):
Wartime veterans with limited incomes, who are totally and permanently disabled for reasons not traceable to the service, may be eligible to receive Non-Service Connected (NSC) pension. Veterans 65 years of age or older, or in receipt of Social Security benefits at any age, are automatically considered totally and permanently disabled. Pension is based upon income. Pension is not payable to those who have estates that can provide adequate maintenance. Military service must have been for at least 90 days during a period of war and service cannot be dishonorable in nature.

 Recent Periods of War
 World War I 4/6/17 through 11/11/18
(Extended to 4/1/20 for those with service in Russia)
 World War II 12/7/41 through 12/31/46
 Korean Conflict 6/27/50 through 1/31/55
 Vietnam Era 8/5/64 through 5/7/75
 Persian Gulf 8/2/90 through date to be determined in the future

Non-Service Connected pension is reduced dollar for dollar by all countable income that a veteran or his family has (i.e., If a vet is entitled to $722 per month in NSC pension from the VA and he has $500 per month coming from SSD , the vet will receive $222 from the VA every month). The amount reimbursed cannot exceed the maximum pension rate for the vet’s category.

Unreimbursed medical expense records should be accurately kept and reported yearly. This should include medical insurance, doctor and hospital bills, prescriptions, dental, etc. The VA can reimburse you for up to the total amount of NSC pension allowed that you did not receive monthly.

A veteran who is a patient in a nursing home or otherwise determined by the VA to be in need of the regular Aid and Attendance of another person, or is permanently housebound, may be entitled to additional pension benefits.

When a vet without spouse or a child is being furnished nursing care through Medicaid, they may elect to receive $90 per month for personal expenses from the VA. This would be a greater benefit to the veteran, since Medicaid only allows $40 per month for personal expenses.

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